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Copy of the G.O.Ms.No.239 P & AR (Trg.III) dated 17.7.1995........   contd.

Annexure of the GO
4. The above guidelines regarding various aspects of training shall apply to Public Undertakings also. District set of courses will be organized by the Anna Institute of Management for executives of public Undertakings. Going through these programmes by the Managers / Executives in the grade of 'A' and 'B' will be considered as induction programme in management for them.
5. Selection and deputation of officers for training:
  i) Due care must be bestowed in selection and deputation of officer for training. The Training Cell mentioned earlier in each Department shall maintain upto date data on all personnel with reference to the training they have undergone and further training required. This inventory of trained persons will be computerised, wherever possible, to facilitate quick reference and ensure uptodate information.
  ii) In prestigious assignments of training, special care will be bestowed in selection of candidates, job requirements, the attitude and aptitude of an incumbent.
6. Delegation of Powers for deputation for Training:
  i) Subject to budget provision mentioned in para 2(iv) of the G.O. above and the guidelines in para 3 above, delegation of powers as in Annexure it is approved.
7. Training abroad:
  i) In respect of training abroad, guidelines in G.O. Ms.No.11, Personnel and Administrative Reforms (Trg. II) Department, dated 10th January 1995 will be followed.
  ii) There will be systematic procedure to make use of the training undergone by officers, particularly special training programmes abroad. On return from training, officers will be posted as far as possible to the seats where the training can be made use of.
  iii) On return from long term training courses, the officers will make a presentation of major concepts, themes, etc. to their heads of Departments and other colleagues. This is expected to kindle interest in new ideas, systems, etc. in the concerned departments. Further, the suggestions made by participants after training should not be brushed aside. The Heads of Department will give thought to such suggestions and implement those which are practicable and do not involve much cost. This will be an on-going and continuous exercise.
8. Inspecting Officers of each department should inspect updating of the records maintained by the Training Cells. Further a suitable set of questions will be incorporated in the questionnaire of annual inspections being done at district and other levels. Training Cells of the respective departments will study the replies of the inspection notes relating to Regional / District levels and take appropriate action.
9. In the recent years, several officers within Government have been acquiring additional professional qualifications in Management, specialized areas, law, etc. A Panel of such officers belonging to all the departments and services will be prepared and updated every year. This panel will be referred to while posting Heads of training institutions, Faculty Members, etc.
10. Preference may be given to Faculty Members in various Training Institute in the matter of allotment of Housing Board quarters wherever such quarters are available. The Training Institutes may also draw up a programme for construction of certain minimum number of residential quarters for housing its Faculty Members.


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