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Copy of the G.O.Ms.No.239, P & AR (Trg.III), dated 17.7.1995 .........contd.

3. Comprehensive operational guidelines on various aspects of training are given in 
Annexure - I to this order. These are in addition to or in modification (as the case may 
be) of various guidelines issued in G.O.Ms. No.24, Personnel and Administrative 
Reforms (Trg.III) Department, dated 23rd January 1995.
4. To monitor effective implementation of the training policy, the Government has decided to form the following committee:
  i) Chief Secretary to Government -- Chairman
  ii) Director, Anna Institute of Management  -- Convenor
  iii) Secretary to Government, Personnel  and Administrative Reforms (Trg.) Department. -- Member
  iv) Secretary to Government, Personnel and 
Administrative Reforms Department 
-- Member
  v) Secretary to Government, Finance Department  -- Member
  vi) Commissioner of Rural Development Training  -- Member
  This Committee will meet at least once in a year, monitor the implementation of training policy and will have advisory role regarding the training policy for the Government.
5. The lump sum grant of Rs. 15 Lakhs sanctioned in para 2 (v) above shall be debited to the following head of account.
  "2052-00-Secretariat-General Service-0900 Secretariat-I-Non-Plan-AT. Department of Personnel and Administrative Reforms - 72. Training - 01. Anna Institute of Management (D.P. Code No. 2052 00 090 AT. 7215)."
  This order issues with the concurrence of Finance Department vide its U.O.No. 2668/FS/P/95, dated 8th July 1995.


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