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Copy of the G.O.Ms.No.239, P & AR (Trg.III), dated 17.7.1995

Training for Human Resource Development - Evolving a Training policy for the State of Tamil Nadu - Study made by the Anna Institute of Management, Madras - A comprehensive training policy - Orders Issued.


G.O.Ms.NO.239, Personnel and Administrative Reforms (TRG III), dated 17th July 1995.

1.        Structured training programmes have become, over the years, an integral part of Human Resources Development. The question of evolving a comprehensive training policy for the Government Officers and Managers in the Public Sector Undertakings in the State of Tamil Nadu has been engaging the attention of the Government for sometime. As human resources are the most important form of all resources, Government re-affirms their commitment to human performance improvement with a mission to develop human resources through training. Government further consider that Human Resource Development in the Governmental context is a process by which the employees of the Government are helped in a systematic way to:
  i) Acquire or sharpen capabilities required to perform various functions associated with their present or expected further roles;
  ii) Develop their general capabilities as individual and discover and exploit their own inner potentials for their own and / or organizational development purposes; and
  iii) Develop an organizational culture in which hierarchical relationships teamwork and collaboration among sub-units are positive and contribute to the motivation, professional achievement and job satisfaction.
2.        The Director, Anna Institute of Management, after a detailed study of related reports, had sent a comprehensive draft training policy for the approval of the Government. This was placed before the meeting of Secretaries to Government for consideration and for evolving consensus on all major components. A well-articulated training policy encompassing various training courses being imparted by the training institutes in the State would help maximizing the benefit from such courses. After careful consideration of the above and other aspects, the Government approve the following package towards a comprehensive training policy.
  i) An integrated training package of Inductional,. Functional and Managerial training will be imparted to Government Officers. There will be in addition to on the job learning and training, which are continuous processes.
  ii) There are over 40 training institutes / training wings in the State. As different Institutes, operating various areas cover differing segments of officer population in the Government, effective co-ordination is the need of the hour. Accordingly, the Anna Institute of Management, Madras will be the nodal Training Institute. The Anna Institute of Management will also be the Training consultant for the Government.
  iii) The Government direct that Civil Service Training Institute, Bhavanisagar will concentrates upon induction and foundation courses for the officers and staff as is being done now. The departmental training institutes/wings will concentrate of functional, technical are professional areas of respective departments.
  iv) All Departments and Undertakings of Government will allocate upto 0.5% (i.e. half a percent) of their "Salaries" expenditure from R.E. / F.M.A. 1995-96 as the training budget.

The Government sanctions lump sum amount of Rs. 15 lakhs (Rupees Fifteen Lakhs only) in 1995 - 96 to cater to certain general or specific programmes which the Government may like Anna Institute of Management or other Institutes to run (such as Pre-retirement Counselling, Human Resource Development Programmes, etc.). This provision will be operated by the Training Wing of Personnel and Administrative Reforms Department.



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